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  • Clients that bundle the home or business phone is called VOIP with a monthly access fee, available to both residential and business customers.
  • This services falls part of a product bundle and includes a free NBN compatible Modem supplied via Axecom as part of the package.
  • You must connect your own handset/s to the Phone port of the router to access calls & services.
  • All bundled plans on offer allow Unlimited Data access & have the Voice Max plan offering unlimited calls: Local, National & Calls to Mobiles. Please refer to the CIS for further clarification.
  • Bundle NBN plans carry a Minimum Contract term of 24 Months. NBN Broadband Data Services provide a range of download and upload speeds. For Example: 25/5 Mbps (Endless Boost) provide upto 25 Mbps download and upto 5 Mbps upload speeds respectively.
  • The offer and all bundles are available for approved customers only. As per our (SFOA) Standard Form of Agreement.
  • The maximum monthly charges equals the applicable monthly plan fee plus any Bolt On’s fee and any type of calls made, that are not included in the monthly access fee and billed as per rates in the corresponding CIS, for ex: 13/1300 numbers calls are chargeable at a flat rate of 32c per min across all plans. Charges for international calls are as per the Aboard plan – Top 10 countries or as per the rate card ((( CLICK HERE ) 
  • Charges do not include calling 1900 numbers and Premium/Subscription Services, which are charged on top of the monthly plan fee based on actual usage - check before dialling.
  • An NBN compatible modem/router included with this plan as mentioned above is charged at $99.95 plus shipping fee at $19.95, added in the first months invoice and is included in the total minimum cost payable over the two-year contract term.
  • Pre order offer, upon signing with Axecom we will hold and proceed with your NBN plan with in 90 days from signing, all setup fees will be pre paid and hardware shipped. Ready for your NBN service as per the CIS.
  • All prices mentioned include GST



  •  Your first bill will be prorated; means you will be charged one-month's plan fee in advance plus the monthly fees applicable divided into the number of days in the current month that you've been with us. An Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $280.00 is applicable per service if the services are cancelled or terminated within the contracted term or after the cooling-off period i.e. 10 business days from the day after receiving the welcome pack.
  • We reserve rights to withdraw or extend this offer at any time without any notification whatsoever.
  • All plans and product are provided based on Direct debit only. 
  • This offer is only available to approved customers (Credit and Service ability check).
  • Actual speeds may vary as many factors affect speed such as Internet traffic, i.e. hardware and software, the source of individual download and location. 
  • Payment via American Express incurs a 3.5% surcharge and all standard cards, Visa and MasterCard are at 1.5% surcharge on the final invoice amount payable
  • Late payment fees apply as per the terms and condition including general fees for paper invoices. 
  • This offer may result in losing existing current providers supplied email address and all emails associated with the other email address (e.g. bigpond.com). 
  • Pricing subject to change at any time. 
  • Please call our Customer Care team on 1300 81 67 67  or email: sales@axecom.com.au / customercare@axecom.com.au for more information.